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The DEM multidisciplinary design team philosophically believes that only through a collaborative design process which engages our clients and other stakeholders can the multitude of emerging design problems encompassing social issues, environmental requirements, new technologies, new cultural thinking and public involvement, be effectively and appropriately addressed.

Our projects are initiated by big-picture thinking, perception and imagination, to establish enduring visions which provide a robust logic that underpins and drives a design, informing all phases of project delivery from preliminary planning to completion. Our visions and concepts are focussed on fulfilling and value adding to clients and stakeholders strategic goals, needs and expectations to ensure a successful project outcome.

The design team believes that through good design it can also value add beyond the site, creating effective places with the potential to revitalise and improve social and economic outcomes of neighbouring communities.

Our team is focused on continuing to grow and adapt to new thinking and technologies that emerge as a result of increasing global concern for the environment. The Practice continues to commit itself to improving the built environment through the provision of sustainable design solutions that respond to evolving community issues and the delivery of quality buildings and public spaces to enrich the lives of our communities.

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