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Managing Partner

Rudi Valla

Rudi brings experience from all fields of architecture to his projects, and expertise in the design and project management of a range of building types. He has particular expertise in the design and delivery of high technology data centres and commercial facilities as well as large scale residential and tertiary facilities. 

Rudi is a Registered Architect in NSW, Victoria, ACT & Queensland, with over 25 years local and international industry experience.

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Group Design Partner 

Jon Pizey

Jon’s professional and academic focus has been the design of major ‘place making’, urban design, architectural, civic and infrastructure projects. Trained as an architect and urban designer, his interests and experience have also expanded to include the areas of strategic development and revitalising and rebranding existing urban places.

He is a registered architect both in Australia and the UK and has gained many years of international experience.

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Director of Architecture

Simon Jenkins

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Director of Architecture

Edmond Tang

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Director of Interiors

Peter Hadjisavas

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Director of Operations

Scott Wright

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